Men Raped By Women

Thinkstock “Of course, the much more important question here isn’t medical; it’s criminal. Can a woman rape a man?“ The headline jumped out at me from, and I clicked through fast: “3 Women in Zimbabwe Charged in Series of Sex Attacks on Men.” My impulse to click was exactly the reaction CNN’s web team […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Pick Up The Halloween Slut

Thinkstock “Barely dressed women surrounding us at every party, eye candy as far as we can see — yes, we love it.“ The past decade has solidified Halloween‘s position as the one holiday that squeezes even the most bashful of women into costumes fit for your local strip club. We love it, right? Barely dressed […]

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Average Penis Size

Thinkstock “You are normal if you’re between 3.5 to 3.7 inches when soft“ Get your measuring tape out. The definitive study on average penis size is in. Research by the French medical organization the National Academy of Surgery was conducted to ease men’s feelings of inadequacy and dissuade them from this crazy fad of penis-enlargement surgery. […]

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Erectile Dysfunction And Porn

Thinkstock “With a buffet including live sex chat, new naked chicks with every click, multiple windows, and escalating levels of hardcore, what actually happens inside the brain is a form of overdosing.“ Porn is so readily available now that it’s hard to say no. According to Psychology Today, though, there’s a very good reason to […]

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Low Libido

Thinkstock What You Need To Know Communicate your needs. Ask if she would like to work on your sex life. Go slowly and move at her pace. “There’s no harm in communicating your needs and asking if she would like to work on your sex life.“ Low Libido And Cancer Dear Dr. Chaves, My wife […]

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Chasing A Girl

Thinkstock “Now she’s not calling me as much and has not even returned a couple of my calls. I know I’m not supposed to be calling her more than she calls me, so I’ve stopped after two unanswered calls.“ This week, Doc Love, author of “The System,” coaches a reader on chasing a girl. Reader’s […]

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Marriage Stories

Death Becomes Her – Credit: Universal Pictures Here at AskMen, we’ve been thinking a lot about marriage lately. Though we generally think it’s a good thing, we all know that it’s not — and never was — without its problems. Married life can be very fulfilling, but we’ve all either experienced or know someone who […]

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Getty Images “The unions where both parties were found to be materialistic were far worse off than when it was just one of two.“ Apparently marrying a material girl and living in a material world is not healthy for your marriage. As a matter of fact, a new study shows that marriages that bond two […]

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Small Penis Sex Positions

Thinkstock “The right combination of foreplay and stimulation can make a woman worship a small penis just as readily as a large one.“ Related Video : Oral Sex; Are You Doing It Right? The average erect penis is estimated to be somewhere around six inches in length. If you’re one of the millions who fall […]

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Short Men Dating Tips

Getty Images What You Need To Know Working out is key, regardless of height. A man who has a good sense of his own style will attract women. Projecting confidence is necessary for attracting the opposite sex. “Shorter men have to work extra hard to impress the ladies.“ In the words of Kermit the Frog, […]

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