Top Pregnant Celebrities of 2012 -2013 (Infographic)

   Here is an infographic that shows the sudden baby boom happening in global celebrity circles. It is a comprehensive list of all the actresses, singers and models who have announced their pregnancies and new mommy status during the year. It gives you the names of all the latest moms in tinsel town and additional information on first time […]

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The Friend-Zone Problem

Doc Love: The Eternal Friend-Zone Problem This week, Doc Love, author of “The System,“ advises another reader who has made himself way too available to his crush. Reader’s Question Hey Doc, I’m new to “The System,” but I can already tell that it will help me immensely in terms of keeping a woman. I was recently dumped by […]

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How To Make Her Orgasm

JupiterImages “ Vary what you watch, take some time away from porn and be mindful if you’re using it to expand your arousal or narrow it..“ Porn’s Impact On Sexual Health Hi Doc, How much does watching porn when jacking off affect my erection when hooking up, because I read that it does? Should I stop […]

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Too Available

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Pursuing Successful Women

Credit: Success is clearly intimidating; why it’s intimidating is much less clear. Whatever your definition of success is, chances are at some point you’ve been interested in a woman who’s higher up on your ladder of choice than you are. If successful women don’t intimidate you, congratulations: You belong to the 21st century. But […]

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Yutaka Tsutano/Flickr We’ve all wondered how we are in bed. Instead of relying on self-evaluations, which are often inflated, or on the opinions of exes, now there’s a quantifiable way of answering the question. Speadsheets (get it?) is a new app that claims to track your sex life (frequency, duration and such) by using your […]

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Kids Growing Up

Getty Images “I’m just not the same person I was seven years ago, before my life was upended.“ Some years ago I was complaining to a fellow father that I had no life. This guy, whose kids were older than mine, told me, “One day, you will be sitting in the living-room reading the newspaper. […]

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How To Ask A Coworker Out

Getty Images “The problem is that we work in a small corporate office (about 50 people), and everyone knows everyone else’s business. “ This week, Doc Love, author of “The System,“ advises a reader with that classic problem: a coworker crush. Reader’s Question Hey Doc, I purchased “The System” a while back and haven’t been able to put […]

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Appreciate Your Access

Getty Images “Fueled entirely by overflowing hormones, not an underlying desire to steal, I ran into the store with all the grace of someone who had just been set on fire.“ I fear that kids today take their porn for granted, as if pictures of smut just grow on trees. See, when I was a […]

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Keep Her Interested

Angelo Gonzalez/Flickr “The key to dating is withholding, not giving, which you don’t know because you obviously don’t have my book. And that’s what most guys don’t understand in the beginning of a relationship.“ Hey Doc, I reconnected with Chantelle, who I was friends with in college, this past summer at an alumni function, and […]

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