Logitech promises replacements for Harmony Link owners


Logitech will replace the Harmony Link with its successor, the Harmony Hub.

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Two months after Logitech announced it would be bricking its Harmony Link (which allows you to control your TV using a phone or tablet as a remote) and charging people to replace it with a newer product, it suddenly rose to a cause celebre across the web on Wednesday. On Thursday, Logitech announced on its blog that it would replace them for free — and even offers a refund to those who’ve already buckled and bought it. 

Beginning with “we heard you and we want to make it right,” Logitech went on to say it would contact current Harmony Link owners to initiate the replacement/refund process. You can also contact the company about it here

Logitech provided a bit more detail about the “why,” as well:

We made the business decision to end the support and services of the Harmony Link when the encryption certificate expires in the spring of 2018 — we would be acting irresponsibly by continuing the service knowing its potential/future vulnerability. Our system shows this product, which was last sold by Logitech in fall of 2015, had a small active user base.

While it still burns that a company can make a device you own simply stop working, there’s really no way to win in this situation. Given the security vulnerabilities inherent in the internet of things, it makes sense to close the holes where you can.

Logitech also responded to the criticism that it was blocking the phrase “class action lawsuit” on its forums.

The words “class action lawsuit” were blocked as our Community Terms of Use do not allow solicitation, including legal solicitation. We have unblocked the terms and are reviewing our list of blocked terms.

That’s kind of interesting, and I bet it’s far from the only company that does that. After all, what business wants lawyers trolling the most fertile place to find angry customers in search of satisfaction?

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