iPhone X: You have questions, we have answers

I was fortunate enough to receive a review sample of the iPhone X on Monday, and I’ve been putting it through its paces ever since.

Just minutes after posting my initial impressions, I asked what you wanted to know:

And not surprisingly, I got plenty of questions. Here are some of the notable ones, along with my responses.

We haven’t done drop tests yet — we’re hoping to do that as soon as Friday. But Apple is making similar claims, as far as we can tell, about the iPhone X glass versus the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. We tried dropping those at CNET: the front glass shattered at about 5 feet. TL;DR: Buy a case, as always.

The iPhone 8 has greater value as a pure performance-and-camera-quality phone, in my opinion. But it’ll feel a step behind the premium design of the iPhone X. In my opinion, the X beats the Pixel 2 XL — the iPhone X OLED display is just far and away better than the P-OLED one on the 2 XL. But I would note the best iPhone X competitor is really the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Good question! I didn’t have luck with Face ID and costumes. But yes, regular passcodes are always a backup option instead of Face ID. Or, you could try retraining Face ID to work with your costume and see what happens — but then it might not work when you’re prosthetic-free.

The positioning is similar: The keys are similar in size to the iPhone 8’s, but the keyboard is moved up off the bottom to match the level of the 8 and 8 Plus. Two changes: The emoji and dictation buttons now live below the keyboard on the left and right.

No. You need to swipe up after face unlocking, which is annoying if you’re dreaming of a fully hands-free iPhone X.

Nope. That trick some people use of scanning in their partner’s thumb as “finger No. 2” won’t work. Just one face per phone, at least for now. 

I’ll be adding more questions and answers in the days ahead of the Nov. 3 launch of the iPhone X. Check back here soon, and follow my live tweets as I continue to document my experience with the phone.

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