‘Guardians’ director begs Marvel and DC fans to stop fighting

Chocolate vs. vanilla, Star Wars vs. Star Trek. Marvel vs. DC. Whatever the pairing, some fans can’t enjoy both, and would rather pick a side and duke it out.

Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn has had enough, and on Saturday, he asked his followers to knock it off and go to neutral corners.

Even though the Guardians are Marvel characters, Gunn noted that he occasionally mentions DC Comics, only to watch his Twitter feed turn into the Friday Night Fights. And somehow, the resulting arguments always seem to involve the 2016 Zack Snyder film “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

Fans who took the time to respond were generally in agreement that both sides can coexist.

But of course, “Batman v Superman,” winner of four bad-movie Razzies this year, came in for some commentary.

And others pointed out that the two universes have come together on occasion with no ill effects.


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From: https://www.cnet.com/news/marvel-vs-dc-comics-james-gunn-guardians-of-the-galaxy-twitter/#ftag=CAD590a51e

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