Levin Challenges Left to Propose Amendment to Eliminate Second Amendment: ‘It Will Die’

Levin: “Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut.

“Cut six, go.”

Blumenthal: “We can break the grip of the NRA and other special interests. Let’s face it, the reason we don’t have gun safety measures in the United States today is because the NRA.

“And we will—”

Levin: “Well, let’s stop.

“Which gun safety measures would stop this? I’m tired of the propaganda. They want to engage, then we’ll engage.

“I think the timing stinks. I think what the left does is unconscionable, but they do it day in and day out. They are relentless. They are resolute, and so it’s time to engage.

“I want to know, exactly, what ‘gun safety measures in the United States’ would have stopped what took place Sunday night, Monday morning.

“Go ahead.”

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