Homeland Security Advisor: ‘No Kinks’ in US-France Relationship on Intelligence Sharing

(CNSNews.com) – Homeland Security Advisor Tom Bossert told reporters Friday that there are “no kinks” in the U.S.-France relationship when it comes to intelligence sharing, despite reports to the contrary from former Obama administration officials on the National Security Council.

“There are no kinks in that relationship. In fact, the intelligence-sharing and counterterrorism-sharing between the two countries has never been better, and I can tell you that from the perspective of my service in the White House under President Bush, and now my service, again, under President Trump,” Bossert said during a press gaggle on board Air Force one en route to Newark, N.J.

“The comparative analysis is unquestionable. We’ve got the strongest relations — in fact, the strongest security relations — at least counterterrorism security relations with the French ever,” Bossert said.

During bilateral conversations on Thursday, President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron discussed “Syria – defeating ISIS in general, but Syria specifically,” Bossert said. The two talked about the United States’ “desire to have a political solution outside and after our military solutions prevail.”

“They discussed counterrorism in general, as it will be an enduring and ongoing problem after our defeat-ISIS campaign takes the physical caliphate from ISIS,” Bossert said.

“They discussed limiting and containing and, ultimately, reducing and removing Iranian sponsorship for terrorism and regional influence. They discussed the current relations with Qatar. They discussed what to do after our short-term objectives are met in reducing their contributions — financial contributions — to terrorism, and three or four other topics,” Bossert added.

Bossert described their conversation as “detailed” and “fairly involved,” adding that “we discussed terrorism, largely.”

“President Trump thanked President Macron for France’s continued and pretty extensive support for not only American efforts, but for global efforts to counter terrorism in North Africa and throughout the Sahel region. That’s something that the French have been committed to and have doubled and redoubled their efforts, I think, in the last three to five years, and President Macron has shown leadership there in that regard,” Bossert said.

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