CNET Asks: Apple HomePod — hot or flop?

The HomePod: Apple’s answer to the Amazon Echo and Google Home

Apple gave us our first glimpse at HomePod, a Siri-powered smart speaker.

The Amazon Echo and Google Home have been duking it out to become the leading smart speaker on the market. Earlier this week at the WWDC, Apple debuted its HomePod, the latest addition to the smart speaker showdown. But will Apple’s branding be enough to gain some ground in this already heated battle, or are they too late to the party? With the HomePod due in December, Apple needs to promise outstanding features.

Apple has set high expectations regarding sound for its smart speaker, which is something that the Amazon Echo and Google Home have been criticized for. Apple’s HomePod is promising smart-house capabilities, without having to compromise sound quality. With a price point of $349, will that be enough to the take the lead away from the Echo ($180) and the GoogleHome ($129)? We will be taking a look at design, performance and price to see if Apple can outperform the Echo and Google Home. What do you look for in a smart speaker? Let us know by checking out the poll below! Don’t forget to share your thoughts on this vicious battle in the comment section. 

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