ABC’s Pretend Republican Dowd Pushes for Socialist Health Care

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ABC commentator Matthew Dowd is supposed to help the network have a sense of being non-partisan by being their token Republican guest. But during his appearance on Sunday’s This Week, he seemed to show off his true political bent as he pushed for socialized medicine. “We need to ask the question, should we go to a single-payer system? Because affordability hasn’t been fixed by this or ACA. And accessibility hasn’t fundamentally been fixed,” he declared to the rest of the panel.

“The health care system has been broken for more than 20 years. And it was broke before ACA. It’s broken after ACA,” he argued leading up to his declaration. “And this fix is like going to a sick patient and giving them experimental treatment. And many experimental treatments hurt the patient. AHCA is going to hurt the patient.”

Dowd’s question was more than him asking for an academic discussion. Earlier that morning, Dowd was on Twitter glorifying the dysfunctional Medicaid and VA health care systems as what all Americans should be experiencing. “Again, people in Medicaid and at VA are much happier with their care and cost than people in private healthcare.  Facts,” one of his tweets read. 

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