Hannity: ‘Unhinged’ Media Has a ‘Clear Radical Left-Wing Agenda’

“So, they never covered Obama. They never told the truth of his failures. And in this campaign, it even got worse. Wikileaks exposed rampant collision. The New York Times, Politico, MSNBC, CNN, CNBC, all the major networks absolutely colluding with the Clinton campaign, every suspicion I’ve always had confirmed.

“And they though they’d be able— they never thought Donald Trump would be president. And they mocked him. And they made fun of him. And they laughed at him. And look what happened: he won.

“And now, here we’ve had an incredible 30 days – and I’m going to go over the accomplishments here in a minute – and they cannot report this. It is impossible for them. They have declared war on Donald Trump and really on the American people.

“You watch the coverage the night that he, that Donald Trump was— it was a funeral on every network. A funeral. They were literally in mourning. They could not believe what happened. Martha Raddatz, who hosted a debate, was crying on national television.

“Where are we today? Have they apologized for their collusion? Did they apologize for being so wrong? Did they— No. They’ve ignored every one of Trumps major accomplishments. Did they talk at all about how he’s fulfilling every promise he made? No. They’re not going to tell you the American people because they have a clear radical left-wing agenda, and they’re lazy. The media is perfectly willing to lie to you every day.

“And they collectively are so angry at this president, they cannot contain their anger. And they will not focus on issues. They are the ones that are unhinged. They are the ones constantly citing unnamed sources. They are the ones that, you know, call Trump every name in the book: racist, sexist, misogynist, dictator, thug, and it goes on from there. And their audience, their viewers, you the American people it’s, it’s— they don’t have the impact. They thought collectively they had him beat. And they don’t have him beat. And they won’t have him beat.”

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