Teddy Ruxpin is back and storytime just got more cuddly

Teddy Ruxpin returns with wild new eyes

Animated LCD screen eyes give the iconic storytelling bear new life, but he still sounds the same as he did over 30 years ago.

by Bridget Carey

After a lengthy hibernation, Teddy Ruxpin is back.

The beloved storytelling bear from the ’80s has been given a high-tech makeover, with animated LCD screen eyes and touch sensors in his paws.

Of course, he no longer has a massive cassette-tape player in his back, making him more cuddly for bedtime snuggles. The stories are all saved digitally, and if kids want to read along with his adventures, they can do so through an app.

But not everything has changed. Teddy Ruxpin sounds exactly the same as he did when he debuted in 1985. The modern toy, expected to be released in the fall, uses the original stories and voice actor recordings.

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Old Teddy, say hello to new Teddy.

Richard Peterson / CNET

The Wicked Cool Toys company now has the rights to Teddy, and I got to check out this new version on display at the New York Toy Fair. I had the original bear when I was very young, and hearing the songs and stories again gave me chills. It’s incredible that 30 years later, I’ll be able to give the same experience to my baby girl (assuming it doesn’t freak her out.)

The new Teddy doesn’t require an app to hear his stories, but you will need it to purchase additional adventures, priced around $4 or $5. Only three stories will be included with the bear, which itself will be priced at $100.

A total of 10 stories will be released at launch, but the plan is to release more down the road — and the company says we may even see additional outfits for Teddy.

But what about Grubby, that caterpillar-looking best-friend of Teddy? No plans to make him yet. But if Teddy takes off, it’s a dream possibility for next year.

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