Samsung may announce Galaxy S8 launch date on February 26

Hey Samsung, please tease us with the Galaxy S8!

Samsung has confirmed to us that it won’t be releasing the Galaxy S8 at its conference on February 26 at this month’s Mobile World Congress show (MWC). But it could still give us an official launch date as a consolation prize, according to Phone Arena, citing The Korean Economic Daily (translated from Korean).

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An alleged picture of the Galaxy S8 in the wild.


Samsung’s mobile chief allegedly said he’d tell reporters the official Galaxy S8 schedule at MWC, where Samsung is widely expected to introduce the Galaxy Tab S3 tablet at an evening event.

Normally, it would be the Galaxy S8 we’d expect to see on February 26, based on Samsung’s announcement cycle, but the company had to push back the launch while dealing with blowback from its Note 7 crisis. Instead, rivals like LG, Huawei, and Sony will have a chance to shine. Announcing the Galaxy S8 launch event will give Samsung an opportunity to generate headlines and excitement even though the S8 won’t be there.

Rumors point to the phone’s unveiling on March 29.

Samsung may also tease the GS8 at MWC in the form of a one minute clip, according to an earlier report by the Korea Herald. So while we won’t be getting the phone itself, we may get a teaser video and an official launch date. Seems like Samsung could really milk this situation.

Samsung declined to comment.

Samsung may expect a big demand for S8 right from the start

A new report says Samsung will initially build a lot more Galaxy S8 phones than it did S7 models.

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