WikiLeaks is on the hunt for Donald Trump’s tax returns


A protester dressed like Donald Duck hands out “Trump Ducks” while protesting the president’s refusal to release his tax returns.


WikiLeaks has woken up and smelled a Trump scandal brewing.

The whistleblowing organisation expressed its annoyance on Sunday that Donald Trump was reneging on his promise to publicly release his tax returns.

In a series of tweets, the organisation said that if Trump would not release the information, it would do so on his behalf. His refusal to release his tax returns, as announced by his counselor Kellyanne Conway this weekend, was “even more gratuitous than Clinton concealing her Goldman Sachs transcripts,” said one tweet.

WikiLeaks played a controversial role during the presidential campaign by leaking emails and other potentially damaging details about Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. It downplayed accusations that it was partisan and was trying to influence the outcome of the election, saying it had not received any relevant material pertaining to Trump.

But now it is now actively seeking out such material, asking anyone privy to the tax returns to submit the documents anonymously. The new US president has promised to release his tax returns since last May. He claimed at the time that he was being audited and would wait until the after the audit to make the details public.

Trump is the first American president in 40 years not to reveal the extent of his financial interests and obligations.

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