Neil deGrasse Tyson picks between Millennium Falcon, USS Enterprise

It’s a never-ending debate among sci-fi fans worldwide. Which is better: Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars has droids with personalities, plus Boba Fett, Chewbacca, Yoda, Han Solo, the Death Star, Jedi masters, lightsaber battles, Ewoks and the ominous Darth Vader.

Star Trek has Vulcans like Spock, space and science exploration, phasers, the Borg, tricorders, stylish uniforms, time travel, tribbles, humanoid robots, Holodecks and Klingons.

When astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson was asked to choose between the Star Wars Millennium Falcon or Star Trek Starship Enterprise, the decision was a snap.

“That’s easy, the Enterprise,” Tyson said in a YouTube video posted Friday, in response to a fan-mail question from his National Geographic show, “Star Talk.” “The Enterprise has the benefit of being real in the sense that they’re real scientists and real engineers on staff on the ship monitoring its engines, its warp drives, its photon torpedoes.”

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It seems as though Han Solo’s fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy doesn’t impress Tyson.

“It’s fake real as opposed to the Millennium Falcon, which is just fake fake; it’s just part of a fantasy storytelling in Star Wars,” Tyson added. “The Enterprise is the first-ever spaceship represented in storytelling that was not designed to go from one place to another. It was only designed to explore.”

The revelation can’t come as a huge surprise considering we already know Tyson is a huge Star Trek fan. Back in May, the “Star Talk” host revealed he’d rather be Captain Kirk than Han Solo.

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