New Technology Procedure in Canada for Cosmetic Surgery

Everyone wants to look their best, but things in life occur that can leave scars and blemishes that make our own self esteem disappear. Today, with the help of hair free clinics, there is a new non-surgical technology known as carboxytherapy in Toronto.

Carbo therapy is a new treatment technology technique that uses a specific procedure carbon dioxide gas which is infused underneath the skin. There are different technology treatment methods according to the reason the therapy is used but it can provide help for several different conditions such as cellulite, localized obesity, scars, stretch marks, loose skin, and spider veins to name a few.

The most important thing about the new technology procedure is that it is a minimal invasive procedure that is almost completely pain free. The procedure has been used for quite a while in South America, Central America, and Europe with great success.

This technology procedure was originally developed in France which was originally used in spas for the upper class and royalty during that time period. However, in 1953, Dr. Jean Baptiste Romuef, cardiologist, published documentation of his twenty years of using a type of this procedure to help treat patients that were suffering from peripheral vascular disease and leg ulcers. His documentation showed the great benefits of using this type of technique, so the process began being studied for other conditions. 402,000 patients had been treated with this technique by 1983. In all documentation, no long term adverse effects have been noted at all in any of the patients.

Today, this technology has advanced and is known as carboxy therapy treatment which is being used for the treatment of many different conditions. As mentioned above, stretch marks and scars can be treated to reduce the visibility and the discoloration that is often seen with this condition.

Loose skin and cellulite can be unsightly, but this new technology aids in making the cells look healthier, more firm, and flatter.

For individuals with localized obesity meaning that there are fat deposits in specific areas of the body, carboxy therapy aids in stimulating the body to aid in burning calories and burn fat in those areas.

As we age, we all begin to see wrinkles and bags under our eyes, with this new technology the cells that have become unhealthy making them sag and wrinkle will actually become healthier and improve the flow of blood in those areas to improve the overall look of the skin on the face and around the eyes.

The technological process is easy with carbon dioxide injected into the skin which will increase the delivery of oxygen and improving the flow of blood. No patient has complained of adverse effects but is very pleased with the procedure and the way they look once the therapy is completed.


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