10 Questions With Kevin Bacon

10 Questions With Kevin Bacon

Q. In Cop Car, which opened in theaters in August, you play a corrupt small-town sheriff. What attracted you to the role?

A. I feel like this is a movie where you have to read between the lines. It’s not about what the guy says. It’s about what the director’s vision was for this character. And the idea that you can try to tell a story about someone without actually saying, “This is why I am the way I am.” It’s more about the mystery of the audience trying to figure out who he is and how he got there.

10 Health Benefits of Regular Exercise for Men

Terry Waters, a former college wrestler and baseball player, loved working out. He got real pleasure out of pushing himself hard at the gym, and he liked the feeling of tired but virtuous afterwards. He figured regular physical activity and its health benefits would always be a part of his life.
Then came marriage, three kids, a demanding job as a software engineer in Boston — and a thousand and one excuses not to make it to the gym. “For a little while, you convince yourself you’re still in pretty…

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Q. Your character threatens to shoot two boys. As a father, how do you prepare for such an upsetting moment in a film?

A. I want the kids to feel safe enough that I can do my work and they can do theirs, and we can be colleagues in getting this job done to the best of our ability. Sometimes I’ll say, “Just so you know, I’m going to be getting kind of loud or I’m going to be looking scary in this moment.”

Q. In Black Mass, about organized crime boss Whitey Bulger, you play an FBI agent. Do you prefer playing good guys or bad guys?

A. People say, “You must love bad guys because they’re so much fun. But they’re not always fun. They’re fun if they’re well written, interesting, complex, and have been given some depth. It’s the same thing for a hero.

Q. Last summer you worked on three movies. How do the long hours affect your health?

A. Because of the length and structure of the film, the time at which you start gets later, and the time at which they call lunch gets later, and the time at which you go to bed gets later in the course of a week. By the time you get to Friday, you’ve completely turned your clock around. And then you have the weekend to turn it back around. That’s one of the toughest things. So you have to figure out how to navigate that and stay healthy.

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