AT&T launches first DirecTV bundle: $200 for TV, wireless for four

ATT is offering the first nationwide bundle of services.
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Well, ATT didn’t waste any time.

Fresh off of closing its acquisition of DirecTV last month, the nation’s second-largest wireless carrier unveiled its first bundle of mobile and television services. The company is offering four wireless accounts with 10GB of sharable data and television service with high-definition video and digital video recording capabilities for four televisions for a promotional rate of $200 a month for the first year. The bundle will launch on August 10.

It marks the first time a company has been able to offer a bundle of wireless and television services throughout the nation, a move made possible with the combination of ATT’s wireless assets with DirecTV’s nationwide satellite TV service. It also comes at a time when other providers are looking to augment their services, from Cablevision’s $10 wireless service to Verizon Wireless aiming to launch a mobile video service.

“Today is the first of many planned moves to enable our customers to enjoy a premium entertainment experience almost everywhere,” said Brad Bentley, chief marketing officer of ATT Entertainment and Internet services.

ATT said it has begun selling DirecTV service in more than 2,000 of its retail stores, some of which already offer its U-Verse TV service, available in select states where its landline business operates.

ATT also listed out its television packages for DirecTV and U-Verse, which range between $50 and $125. If customers sign up for both the wireless and television service, they get a $10 discount, getting them to the monthly bill of $200 (that cost doesn’t factor in the instalment fees for the smartphones). ATT said it will also offer a $300 bill credit when they buy an ATT smartphone.

Also included in the regions where ATT’s landline business operates is the offer to bundle Internet service, which ranges between $30 and $50.

ATT is the latest company to try its hand at a bundle of wireless and video services. The cable companies have tried to offer their own wireless service years ago, but customers weren’t interested at the time. ATT is betting that customers have changed their mind.

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