Custom Inflatables Get Attention

Business realize the important of advertising online and in printed publications; however, many often miss out on one of the most impressive advertising methods of all – custom inflatables.

What are custom inflatables?

Custom inflatables are advertising balloons that are usually 20 feet tall and created with high quality 7-ounce vinyl coated nylon for longer life span. Today, you can actually find awesome inflatables that are from 20 feet to 100 square feet according to your own specific needs. Custom inflatables are just that, tailor made to provide you with the type of inflatable you need to announce your sale or to draw attention to your business.

Why use custom inflatables?

Inflatables provide you with 24 hour a day and 7 days a week advertising that will not be missed by anyone that comes close to your business. Consider a 100 square foot custom digitally printed message around the clock. That will certainly get the attention you need and bring in more customers. Custom inflatables can be created by a professional company that will use your mascot or your logo to personalize the effect of your advertising choice.

A few of the custom inflatables you can find that are ready to use today include blue, green or red muscleman, pumpkin, snowman, shamrock, Santa, panther, yellow, orange, red, or green monkey, King Kong, jeep, heart, football, rock star, Nikon, scope Nikon, red tag, bunny, ram head, cup, billboard, dog, and panther tunnel run-through.

As you can see, there are several different options when it comes to custom inflatables that will give you round the clock advertising at affordable prices. Learn more about the options you have and how many new customers will visit your establishment all with the help of advertising balloons and inflatables.

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