Pelosi: House GOP ‘Anti-Governance, Anti-Science and Anti-Barack Obama’


Nancy Pelosi

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi

( – House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says the House GOP “is anti-governance, anti-science and anti-Barack Obama.”

Pelosi made the comment during her press conference on Thursday, “This is a tactic. It’s always been a tactic of those who are anti-governance. Here we have a majority in the House – I speak to the House – that is anti-governance, anti-science and anti-Barack Obama.”

The House Minority Leader says a goal of the Republicans’ “anti-governance” stance is to decrease voter turnout. “If you’re anti-governance, what you want people to do is not participate in the electoral process.”

“The confusion, the negativity that emanates from here, in a congressional election year, is one that is not conducive to people exercising their voting rights and their having a debate.”

“Elections are about two things,” Pelosi continued. “They’re about who wins, and that’s up to the people to decide, but it’s up to the candidates to decide to have a debate on what is at stake in the election – what are the values that we share – or not, what are the solutions for providing opportunity – or not. But they don’t want that debate because their answer is always no governance.”

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