Frito-Lay Runs Largest Electric Truck Fleet in CA – Got $2.2 Million in Grants, Rebates


A Frito-Lay electric delivery truck. (Photo: Frito-Lay)

( — By the end of 2012, California will be home to 105 electric delivery trucks, the largest amount of electric trucks based in one state. The $13-billion corporation received about $2.2 million in grants and rebates from the state of California to help support its operation of electric trucks.

The 105 trucks are part of the 275 electricity-powered truck fleet nationwide owned by Frito-Lay, which is the most electric trucks belonging to one company in the United States.

Alongside California Governor Jerry Brown (D), and California EPA Secretary Matt Rodriguez, the leadership of Frito-Lay announced the fleet increase in Plano, Texas on Aug. 9.

“With the continued introduction of electric vehicles into our fleet, Frito-Lay continues to assert its commitment to environmental sustainability,” said Leslie Starr Keating, senior vice president, supply chain for Frito-Lay North America.

“Nearly 20 percent of our medium-heavy duty delivery trucks in the state of California are slated to be transitioned to all-electric vehicles.  We have seen the accelerated growth and acquisition of this innovative technology because of the support from California. It’s these private and public partnerships that create the momentum that alternative fuel vehicles need to become even more competitive.”

In May of this year, the Frito-Lay electric powered fleet logged 1 million miles driven.

By 2020, Frito-Lay hopes to reduce its fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent. In California alone, Frito-Lay predicts the 105 electric powered trucks will remove the need for 200,000 gallons of fuel and 4.5 million pounds of greenhouse gases annually.

Moreover, the electric-powered fleet will greatly reduce ‘noise pollution,’ usually associated with diesel trucks.


California Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown. (AP Photo)

Frito-Lay, a $13-billion corporation, received a number of grants from the California government to support the fleet, including grants from the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC), and the California Air Resources Board’s “Hybrid Truck Bus Voucher Incentive Project.”

Frito-Lay received about $2.2 million in grants and rebates from the state of California to operate its electric-truck fleet there, reported the Los Angeles Times.

Gov. Brown praised the fleet expansion, and viewed the operation as a good example of a “partnership” with a “private company … with state and federal government,” in California.

“These electric vehicles prove we possess the capacity, technology and imagination to make change happen,” said Gov. Brown.

“That’s the significance of today  — efficiency, elegance and renewable energy coming together for a private company, in partnership with state and federal government,” said Brown.  “It’s a great day, and a great milestone – and is just the beginning of a lot of steps forward.”

Frito-Lay is a subsidiary of PepsiCo based in Purchase, NY, which has environmentally conscious vehicles throughout its company network.

In addition to the 275 electric trucks, PepsiCo has 267 hybrid trucks, 67 “compressed natural gas” (CNG) tractors. Fourteen of those 67 CNG tractors are also expected to be located in California.

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