Couples And Vacations

Couples And Vacations

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Taking a vacation is supposed to be about rest and relaxation, but a new survey suggests that couples get very little of either on their holidays.

The poll of 2,000 adults says that more than half of couples can’t even agree on where to vacation while another 37% start squabbling over how to book the trip. A whopping 66% of couples get into fights on the trip, with 25% getting into the first argument before the third day of the trip.

So what’s the source of all of the bickering? Money and budgeting comes in at the top of the list, with the amount of time spent together, alcohol consumption and checking out others at the beach all following suit.

The truth is that time spent together is the biggest source of frustration. A vacation puts the relationship on fast forward: It’s a quick way to test the bonds because you’ll be spending almost 24 hours a day with your partner. At home, both parties go to work, run errands and have places to hide. On a vacation, you’re cuffed to each other for the whole time. Either it works and the relationship becomes stronger, or you’re going to want to strangle the other person by the third day.

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