A Christian Girlfriend

A Christian Girlfriend

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This week, Doc Love, author of “The System,” breaks it to a reader that women sometimes make stuff up about why they no longer want you around.

Hey Doc,

I’ve been dating Shannon for a little over a year. We’ve grown incredibly close to each other, saw a future together and were completely committed to each other. She told me that she didn’t think any other guy was attractive besides me and constantly told me that she wanted to be with me forever.

Over the summer, Shannon decided to work at a Christian camp. She ended up liking it so much that she stayed the whole season. I always had doubts about this situation, and I knew the long distance alone could kill our relationship, but on top of this she found God and wanted to surround her life with all things religious. I knew something was going on when she started to ignore me and not call me. When she came home, she said she didn’t know what she wanted, but that she feels she needs to be with someone who brings her closer to God. Then she said that she loves me and wants to marry me, and that it’s impossible for her to break up with someone she’s in love with. She also told me she’s not attracted to me in the same way that she used to be.

We both know that I’m not a religious person. I have tried to reason with Shannon that religion cannot be the complete focus of her life and that she needs balance. We continually talk about breaking up and have blowouts we never had before. She keeps changing her mind about what she wants and whether or not her future has me in it. It’s making me act crazy around her, and I know it’s murdering her Interest Level in me. I have a strong feeling that she’s going to break up with me, but I don’t want to lose this girl. I feel like our relationship has to end and that there’s no going back to what we had before. Where do you think I should go from here?

Whitey – who is a non-believer

Hi Whitey,

When a woman tells you that you are the only attractive man on the face of the planet, she’s telling you that her Interest Level is way up in the 90s. That means that you’ve gotten her to fall for you — hard. The challenge now is for you to keep her interested. And that’s the really tough part. Holding a woman’s Interest Level is what most men don’t have the ability to do.

But when a woman tells you that she needs to surround herself with all things religious — and you’re not religious — right there she’s telling you that you’re out. And when she adds that she’s not attracted to you, no matter what way, you are history. Shannon’s Interest Level in you has obviously taken a major nosedive, but I don’t believe it’s because she happened to get religion. I believe you did something to make her interest go south. In other words, it’s nothing more than a coincidence that she happened to become religious around the same time that she was losing interest in you. Next Page

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