Prince Charming

Prince Charming


The women in this poll prefer a man who isn’t ‘too deep’ and keeps the conversation fun and playful.
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Many women are looking for Mr. Perfect and now that suspect has a full description.

A UK poll of 2,000 females has narrowed down the characteristics of what their perfect man is like, and the standards are quite high.

He’s 6’0″ with short dark hair and a good sense of style. He’s earned his Ph.D or master’s, drives an Audi and makes roughly $76,000 a year.

The women in this poll prefer a man who isn’t “too deep” and keeps the conversation fun and playful. He doesn’t drink wine or spirits, and he’s not a vegetarian; he’s a meat-eater who sticks to beer.

Also, 86% said they want a sensitive man, while 64% want him to say “I love you” only when he means it.


Well, our perfect woman has Kate Upton’s face, Christina Hendricks’ boobs and Kim Kardashian’s ass. She’s got some Kendra Wilkinson freak in her tamed by Natalie Portman’s class.

Unfortunately, what’s closer to reality is love handles, stubble, mood swings and scary in-laws.

But, hey, it’s good to dream.

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