Dating Friends

Dating Friends

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I like both of these women, but how do I ask for their phone numbers and ask out both of them? Is it possible to date two friends simultaneously?
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This week, Doc Love, author of “The System,” advises a reader who has two love interests.

Hey Doc,

First of all, on behalf of all men, thank you for “The System.” I have studied and practiced it and your Mastery Series for the past year with amazing results, and I am getting better at it with experience. However, I have recently stumbled into a situation that I can’t find the solution to.

This problem involves two attractive women in my college art class who are friends with each other. I’ll call them Leila and Layla. The class meets twice a week. During the second class, I noticed Leila looking at me from across the room while I was busy with a drawing. I caught her checking me out two or three times when I looked up from my work, and the third time she smiled at me. I smiled back and went back to my work.

Later, I approached the professor for suggestions on improving my piece, and she suggested I walk around and look at the other students’ drawings for ideas. While passing by Leila’s and Layla’s tables (they sit next to each other), Layla looked up and smiled at me. I smiled back and kept on walking.

During the next class, Layla smiled at me several times. Again, I smiled back and didn’t pay her any attention beyond that. At the same time, I kidded and made friends with the other students in the class in front of both Leila and Layla so they know I’m a fun and sociable person. I get attention from women in the class and notice that the two of them sometimes whisper and giggle while looking at me when I’m nearby.

Now for the million-dollar question. I like both of these women, but how do I ask for their phone numbers and ask out both of them? Is it possible to date two friends simultaneously? We both know that women talk. I get phone numbers all the time and date attractive women so I’m not nervous about going up to and talking to women. The question is when and how should I approach these two? What do you say, Doc?

Wilhelm – who’s intrigued by both of them

Hi Wilhelm,

Thank you for having the ability to set your ego aside and practice self-improvement. It sounds like you have definitely benefited from sticking with my principles until you made them work for you. And, remember, there is always a solution to any dilemma you face with the opposite sex inside the pages of my book.

Now, it’s great that Leila is smiling at you in class. But hopefully she’s smiling at you not just because she’s being friendly, but also because she has high Interest Level in you.

You make an excellent point by mentioning the fact that you are mingling and laughing with everybody else in class, and not just Leila and Layla. You want everyone to think that you are the class clown — that’s the whole idea. It demonstrates to both Leila and Layla that you are an easy guy to relate to, that you’re funny and that you won’t be mooning over just the two of them. Like my cousin Sal “The Fish” Love says, “Women can’t resist a funny guy.” And what proves it is that Leila and Layla can’t seem to control their giggles when you’re around. Like my Uncle Jethro Love says, “Nothin’ beats a giggling girl.”
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