Sen. Reid: Alabama’s Immigration Law Would ‘Without Any Question’ Create ‘Racial Profiling’

( Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) claims that Alabama’s anti-illegal immigration law would “without any question” create “racial profiling”.

Reid’s office released a video supporting the congressional ‘field hearing’, a group of lawmakers opposed to the measure who have traveled to Alabama to discuss the laws’ impact in the region.

“The concern I’ve always had from the first time I heard about this Alabama legislation is it would create without any question racial profiling and that is something that we just don’t stand for in this country,” Reid says in the video.

The law has prompted a federal lawsuit by the US Justice Department to have it ruled unconstitutional. It’s a move Reid supports.

“I also commend the Obama administration for filing a lawsuit about how unfair and unconstitutional this legislation is,” Reid said.

The Alabama law prevents state and local agencies from doing business with undocumented immigrants. It also allows law enforcement officials during the course of their duties to detain people if they have a “reasonable suspicion” they are in the country illegally.

A provision of the law that let public school officials ask students about their immigration status has been put on hold by the courts.

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