Capitol Elevator Operators Being Prepared for Furlough

( – At a Capitol Hill press conference intended to highlight the GOP budget’s effect on senior citizens, Rep. Jan Shakowsky (D-Ill.) said that those who run elevators in government buildings are being prepared for a potential government shutdown.

“I know meetings are being held all over the Capitol to prepare people, like the people who run our elevators, for some sort of a furlough,” she said.

Shakowsky said that her office would remain open during a government shutdown.

“I believe that especially during a shutdown that every member of my staff is going to be essential to answer all the questions, said Shakowsky. “So, we’re prepared to keep our offices open so we can help people and answer their questions?”

Shakowsky made it clear that she hoped a shutdown could be avoided.

“We are hoping still that a shutdown can be avoided, but we’re dealing with a party in total disarray that can’t seem to figure out what it wants and can’t take ‘yes’ for an answer,” she said.

When asked Shakowsky to clarify which party she was referring to, Shakowsky replied, “That would be the Republicans.”

The federal government will shut down on Friday if Democrats and Republicans cannot reach a budget resolution.

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