Briefly: Sexual Orientation May Appear in Electronic Health Records; Non-Citizens Voting in U.S. Elections

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Medical Records Should Track Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, Report Says
From The Los Angeles Times: Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender patients have unique healthcare needs and those distinctions should be taken into account in studies and health records, says a new report released Thursday. The Institute of Medicine report, meant as technical advice for the National Institutes of Health, recommended that federally funded studies ask participants about their sexual orientation and gender identity — factors that could affect a person’s medical profile and health risks just as race and age do. The institute also recommended that medical professionals start including data on sexuality and gender identity in people’s electronic health records.
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GOP: 5,000 Non-Citizens Voting in Colorado Is a ‘Wake-Up Call’ for States
From The Hill
: Congressional Republicans want to beef up voter registration rules following a Colorado study that found as many as 5,000 non-citizens in the state voted in last year’s election. Rep. Gregg Harper (R-Miss.), chairman of the House Subcommittee on Elections, called the study “a disturbing wake-up call” that should prompt every state to crack down on illegal voting. “We simply cannot have an electoral system that allows thousands of non-citizens to violate the law and vote in our elections. We must do more to protect the integrity of our electoral processes,” Harper said. Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler, a Republican, told the panel that a study by his department identified nearly 12,000 people who were not citizens but were still registered to vote in Colorado.
See Newspaper Roundup and Read The Hill report

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