From Gangsta-Rapper to a Representative of the Jewish People

Belize-born, Brooklyn-raised, rap artist known as SHYNE is in Israel, and as we’ve reported here on Israel National News, he has adopted a Hebrew name, Moshe Levy, and a very Jewish traditional look. During the past few months Levy has been learning Torah and reaching out to Jewish young boys and girls who need support and strengthening. Now SHYNE is preparing his new musical projects and he met Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon to see how he could help the state of Israel as a non-official or official diplomat.

“It’s a very complicated situation here,” SHYNE told Ayalon. “It’s not as simple as black and white, and I think there needs more than just dealing with terrorism and [Judea and Samaria] and Gaza. [People] need to see that Israel is a beautiful place. Israel is the center of the world. Everyone argues, everyone disagrees, but they all agree that where the Beit Hamikdash (the Holy Temple) is, is the most important place.”

SHYNE, who was imprisoned due to a shooting incident at a New York night club while hanging out with Sean “Puffy” Combs and actress Jennifer Lopez, is now far from where those unfortunate events occurred but still very influenced by all he has gone through. SHYNE held a meeting with reporters at the King David hotel in Jerusalem and shared with us some of the messages he’s been conveying to the world during the past few years.

“Going to prison is not a boost for your career,” he said. “It actually is quite a devastating blow to your career. To go from ten years of incarceration, paying for something that I did that was terrible and to literally be more powerful than I was, is a miracle.”

He noted that throughout his life he has always acknowledged his Jewish ancestry. His grandmother was Jewish and she instilled in him the Jewish ethical code system. “I had to own that truth. I had to come into that. For me, being in the streets and having a gun and deciding things in an ethical and in a moral way – there’s no greater Judaism than that.”

SHYNE, Moshe Levy, told us about his expected projects which are planned to be carried out during the next few months. Besides releasing two new albums in the coming months, SHYNE is also excited about meeting Jews and non-Jews in order to continue spreading the message of Judaism.


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