IDF: 90 Arabs Try to Breach Qalandiya Crossing

Approximately 90 Palestinian Authority Arabs attempted on Sunday morning to breach the Qalandiya crossing between Jerusalem and Ramallah, the IDF website reported. According to the report, the Arabs hurled rocks at security forces who were on the scene. Six rioters were arrested and taken for questioning by security forces.

The Qalandiya crossing, a military checkpoint where Arabs with permits can leave Ramallah for work, medical care, education or religious reasons, is often a site of clashes between Arabs and the IDF. In September, Arabs threw three firebombs at Israeli vehicles at the crossing. No one was injured, and there was no damage.

In June, a Border Police unit discovered three firebombs and a 12-centimeter/4.7-inch knife in the possessions of two Arabs at the checkpoint. The weapons were confiscated and the Arabs were turned over to security services for investigation.

Earlier this year, about 50 Arab men and women tried to break through the Qalandiya checkpoint, throwing stones at security forces and a firebomb at the troops, but fortunately no IDF soldiers were injured. Five of the attackers were arrested and the checkpoint was closed for four hours.

The IDF also reported that over the past weekend, approximately 50 demonstrators gathered in Hevron, causing the IDF to declare the area a closed military zone. The gathering was dispersed and three of the demonstrators were arrested under charges of entering a closed military zone.


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