Missionary Victim of Arab Terror to be Buried in US

Christian missionary Kristine Luken, who was murdered in an Arab terrorist attack Saturday, will be buried in the United States. She was a resident of Virginia, but her family has not said where and when she will be buried.

Originally identified as Christine Logan, she and her friend Kaye Susan Wilson, a British immigrant, were stabbed Saturday afternoon while they were hiking in a dry riverbed west of Jerusalem. Both women were Christians in their mid-40s, although Wilson lives in Givat Ze’ev, a mixed Jewish secular and religious community in Samaria, on Highway 443 northwest of Jerusalem.

Wilson played dead to prevent her attackers from continuing to stab her, but Luken’s screams apparently doomed her to death. Soldiers and police conducted a manhunt for the two attackers, but no information has been released on any developments.

The police clamped a gag order on the case after the murder, and before Luken’s body was found, officials inexplicably said that the attack may have been motivated by criminals. However, the death of Luken and the fact that Wilson’s and Luken’s hands were bound have made it all but certain that the Arabs were politically motivated.

Luken worked for a missionary group that tries to convert Jews. Public missionary activities are prohibited in Israel. Her missionary group’s website said she worked for the organization in England after visiting Israel in 2007.

Wilson and Luken became friends during a tour in Poland earlier this year.


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