After Over 5 Years, Nisanit Expellees Get a Home

The first family expelled from Nisanit, in Gush Katif, has moved into their new home in the Galilee. Another 24 families from Nisanit and Dugit are still waiting.

The 25 families were forced out of their homes during the 2005 “Disengagement.” They chose to move together to Bustan HaGalil, north of Akko, in order to maintain their community. At the time, government officials promised that they would be able to build new homes in the north within a year.

Instead, they have waited for more than five years for new homes.

A celebration was held as the Deiboch family entered its new home this week. The head of the Asher Regional Council, Yehuda Shenhov, was in attendance, as was Bentzi Lieberman, head of Tnufa, which is tasked with resettling the thousands of Israelis left homeless by the Disengagement.

Several other families expect their new homes to be complete within the month.

Four years ago Danny Deiboch, father of the Deiboch family, spoke to Arutz Sheva’s Hebrew-language news service about the difficulties his family had faced since being forced out of Gaza. The Deibochs moved to Bustan HaGalil shortly after the Disengagement in order to spare their children the need to relocate twice, once from Gaza and again after the completion of their new home.

Upon arrival they rented a house, which they later discovered had serious infrastructure problems. They were forced to invest money to prevent the home from collapse. Danny, who was forced to seek out a new career path at the age of 47, was unable to find work for a lengthy period of time; at the same time, the family had to continue payments on the mortgage for their home in Nisanit that had been demolished.

“We would have been willing to suffer all this if the government had kept its promise to get us settled quickly,” he said at the time. “But a year has gone by and nothing has changed, everything just gets worse.”


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