Get a 720p HD pocket camcorder for $39.99

The Sylvania HD1Z, shown here in midnight blue, is a new camcorder available exclusively from Woot--but only for today.

The Sylvania HD1Z, shown here in midnight blue, is a new camcorder available exclusively from Woot–but only for today.


I remember when camcorders were big-ticket items. Buying one was an investment, something you usually did when the first kid came along.

Now, they’re $40. And they capture higher-resolution than those $600 tape-based behemoths of yesteryear. What, me bitter?

Today only, Woot has the Sylvania HD1Z 720p pocket camcorder for $39.99 (plus $5 for shipping). It’s available in your choice of five snazzy colors, and it’s new, not refurbished.

In fact, it’s really new: Woot is actually launching the HD1Z today, so don’t try checking the prices elsewhere or looking for reviews. You won’t find any.

So, how do you know if it’s any good? Alas, you don’t. This is the camcorder you buy for the kids, or for Secret Santa or Yankee Swap gifts. Or to strap to a model rocket for capturing sky-high video. You get the idea.

The specs look solid enough: the HD1Z records 720p video at 30 fps. It sports a 2-inch LCD, a built-in USB connector, an HDMI output (cable not included), and an SD slot. You’ll need to fill that slot asap, as the camcorder has just 64MB of onboard storage (good for, oh, 10 seconds of video, I’m guessing).

This could sell out very quickly, so if you like the idea of a potentially decent HD camcorder for $39.99, I’d jump on this fast.

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