Chivalry Vs. Feminism

Charlie says:

This site is full of so many self-pitying, woman-hating readers, it really makes me sad. If you guys don’t like dealing with women so much, why don’t you just date guys?

Seriously, the idea is pretty simple: be polite, but don’t be condescending if you want to be in good with anyone, be they man or woman, or something in between. The same goes for ladies.

I read someone in the comments complaining about women living longer, wanting equal wages, and not caring about male suicide or prostate cancer.

The last two, I think you just pulled of your ass.

Women live longer because they have less-risky behavior generally, and relieve stressed through crying.

And the wage issue really depends on how it is being measured. It’s an issue of women not being promoted, more than anything.

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