Doc Love: Getting Used

BrownBubbleButt says:

Drazen “darling”, I left u TWO LONG messages on FaceBook 4 u 2 read AND 2 ponder 4 a long time! 🙂 p.s. I bet u $100 bucks that, THIS IS “THE USUAL IN-LUST-Romance-cr*ppy-thing”, AND NOT a real In-Love Relationship that Drazen IS SO CONFUSED ABOUT, teehee, haha! 🙁 Sorry Drazen “hon”, BUT SERIOUSLY dude, WAKE UP, the “coffee IS BURNING”! She’s GONNA END UP GIVING U some kind OF NASTY S.T.D. (since she HAS MANY guys that she “PERFORMS for OR with”) and your “Pickled-Pepper-Pickle” IS SOMEDAY GONNA HATE U FOR IT, heehee! : P

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