Air Force Prepares for Foreign Firefighting Helicopters

Air Force bases in northern Israel began on Thursday evening to prepare for the arrival of aircraft from European countries which have announced their intention to help in putting out the blaze in the Carmel.

The IDF Airbase at Ramat David, southeast of Haifa, will be the main base that will absorb the aid planes from Greece and Cyprus.

Air Force planes were also preparing to leave for Egypt, due to the possibility that Egypt might supply Israel with fire extinguishing materials.

IDF Radio reported on Thursday evening that unmanned aircraft are constantly being flown to the area to help direct the ground forces. Helicopters are also on the scene and are illuminating the blaze area.

It was also announced that, in addition to the countries that have already announced that they will be sending aid, Turkey and Egypt may send aircraft to help put out the fire. Yossi Regev, head of the special Task Force which was opened after the fire, said that seven foreign aircraft will be making their way to Israel over the next few hours: four from Greece, two from Azerbaijan and one from Cyprus. In addition, Four aircraft are expected from France, two or three from Russia, and two from Spain.


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