Avoid The Friend Zone

FingBs says:

I’ve came to the point where I just tell the lady that I refuse to be her friend, cause that sh just doesn’t work with me. I know it’s an odd tactic, but I just tell her the truth, Especially if I’m interested in her as much as the clam. Easiest way to turn into a emotional, loony tune drunk is if you try to be friends with a girl you actually care about. Ive seen all kinds of drama stem from this. Be a real man, dig you heels in when it causes you to much frustration. I”m in a spot right now that is borderline friend zone, every move counts.but I’m pretty sure I got this one figured out. See I’m not going to the friend zone, just to the reserve. That’s some real sh, reserve exists. Props to temple, I say and do indecent sh all the time. Fk all that hugging shhhhh.

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