Get a 50-inch plasma HDTV for $668 shipped

I would somewhat agree with that, but for me Plasma is the way to go. You get alot more bang for your buck with a Plasma and it IMO a much better accurate color representation and smoothness.

1) Blacks – LCDs have made a lot of progress, but they still fall short. Yes, there are sets that have been rated comparably, but move out of the sweet spot, and blacks degrade considerably. And unless you are willing to spend considerably more $$ for the top LCDs, blacks will not be close to a decent plasma.

2) “Sweet Spot” – There is none for plasma. LCD picture quality still degrades to varying degrees when you move off-center. Plasma picture does not change regardless from where you are watching. Maybe this isn’t an issue for the single person who has his La-Z-Boy plopped directly in front of his set, but in the real world where friends and families gather to watch something, those off to the sides will suffer.

3) Motion Resolution – Plasmas continue to provide 1080 lines of motion resolution without gimmicky interpolation software that also introduces unwanted artifacts.

4) Motion Blurr – Different than motion resolution, as this is the result of panel response time, which is an order of magnitude faster in plasma versus LCD.

5) ANSI Contrast – Sort of goes along with blacks. Plasma still holds the edge over LCD in general, but the addition of LED technology has improved contrast for LCDs (at a significant price impact). Again, the benefit that backlit LED brings diminishes when you go off-angle.

6) Color Reproduction – No advantage for either technology.

7) Image Retention – A negative for plasma, which is inherent to the technology. However, unless you go looking for it, I would not consider it a show-stopper for plasma. As soon as fresh content is displayed, the IR is wiped-away. Now, if one were also going to use the display for their computer, I would recommend LCD.

8) Power Consumption – No discernable advantage for either technology. (read consumer reports, new plasmas do not take a signifcant of electricity to run them vs an LCD) As far as older Plasma’s go I would agree that Plasmas used more energy.

9) Repair Rates – No advantage for either technology.

10) Panel Brightness – Plasma panels have more than enough brightness to display a proper picture in a lighted room. Now, if you have a room with lots of direct sunlight and you watch a lot of TV during the day, then I would recommend going with an LCD, as they do perform better in this type of environment.

The bottom line is: Dollar for dollar, you cannot get a better comparably sized display than plasma, however, one needs to understand the benefits/shortcomings of each in order to make the best choice for their needs.

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