Habits Of Successful Players

Chris says:

Quite a good article, but many points are wrong on ohh so many levels. Being nice WILL NOT get you anywhere, i know from EXPERIENCE and is really a FACT. Agreeing with a woman just puts you in her FRIENDS CIRCLE. Dont get me wrong, opening doors for a lady, talking nice is one thing, but TAKE HER TO HER CHOICE OR RESTAURANT just because she said she likes sushi? Come on. Dinner should be on the LAST LIST of things to do when START DATING. Perhaps after maybe 10 dates with her, YES, but no way before that. Just create attraction, and it does not matter what you do, she will go NUTS OVER YOU.
Look it up, building attraction with women. You will be surprised.

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Article source: http://www.askmen.com/dating/player_200/224_love_games.html

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