Why Women Don’t Like Mama’s Boys

Fed Up says:

I havent been dating this ‘man’ but we have been friends for well over a year. We met online. He seemed desperate to change his life that totally revolved around mom. He’s in his 50’s, always loved at home, no job, mom works, (she’s 80) he stays in bed till 10 or 11, he’s only dated once, no sexual experiences with women and is a virgin. We can never have a conversation without him bringing up mama this and mom that, som often I bit my tongue just to keep the peace. Him and mom go everywhere together, he kisses her and hugs her good night every night, they eat together, one waits for the other usually for mealtime. He visted me and without mom he is a wonderful MAN! I can’t handle this triangle anymore, even as friends. Totally stresses me out, what a waste of a life, devoted totally to mo

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