Iran Rolls put the Rhetoric in Defense Drill’ against Zionists

Iran rolled out advanced weapons and new rhetoric Tuesday as it launched a five day “Guardians of the Islamic Skies defense drill.

The opening exercises identified “aircrafts of the enemy dubbed as ‘Orange Forces” and intercepted them with anti-aircraft missiles, according to the semi-official PRESS TV.

In a clear warning to the United States and Israel not to consider striking Iran in an attempt to interrupt its nuclear development, the nationwide are maneuvers are being held near “nuclear and vital landmarks,” the Iranian news agency reported.  

Iran has held several major defense drills in recent months amid threats and has shown off new naval and aerial weapons and defense systems.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces Major General Hassan Firouzabadi charged on Monday that “Israel is a tool used by the West to wage war against Muslim nations and destroy their power. We should not expect Israel to talk of peace, reconciliation or not waging war.”

One Iranian air force commander said, “The Zionist regime will never have the courage to strike in Iran, because the first mistake they make will also be the last.” He also chided Israel for not defeating Hamas and Hizbullah.


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