Get a Barnes & Noble Nook for $99

For the first time, the Barnes amp; Noble Nook is selling at that magic $99 price point. Its refurbished, yes, but still good as new.

For the first time, the Barnes Noble Nook is selling at that magic $99 price point. It’s refurbished, yes, but still good as new.


I know I’ve posted a lot of e-book reader deals of late, but that’s because they just keep getting better. Also, I’m a huge fan of anything that encourages people to read–like, say, e-readers priced under $100.

And this is a first! has the refurbished Barnes Noble Nook (Wi-Fi) for $99 shipped. That’s $50 less than the price of a new one, but the warranty is the same: one year.

The Nook, which debuted about a year ago, is noteworthy for including a color LCD touch screen beneath its 6-inch, E Ink-powered reading area. It also stands out from the Kindle crowd by supporting the ePub format, which opens the door to, among other things, e-books you can check out from your local library.

You’ll definitely want to read David Carnoy’s review of the Nook, which has been updated extensively and reflects the various firmware updates the device has received. Ultimately, he really liked the device; his only major complaints were its pokey performance and LCD-affected battery life.

And, hey, the review originally reflected the Nook’s $199 price tag. At $99, it’s that much harder to pass up–especially if you’re shopping for a good gift item.

If you already have a Nook, hit the comments and let me know how you like it (I haven’t had the chance to try one myself) and whether you agree it’s a steal at this price.

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