Five Pro-Jericho Boys Detained by Police

Five boys carrying literature emphasizing the importance of Jericho to the Jewish People have been arrested, and the Honenu civil rights organization is trying to figure out why.

Policemen of the Binyamin District stopped the five at the Rimonim checkpoint early Friday afternoon, claiming that the boys were trying to enter Jericho – under Palestinian Authority control – without prior permission. The police said that one of the boys was bearing “inciteful literature.”

The literature in question discusses the Biblical city of Jericho, the “City of Palms,” and the reasons why it is important that it return to Israeli sovereignty.

The five are now being held in the Shaar Binyamin police station, just off Route 60 between Jerusalem and Beit El-Psagot.

Attorney Adi Keidar of Honenu is trying to ascertain under what legal clause the boys are being detained.


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