My Small Penis: Ask Dr. Chaves

Incremental concerns

Dr. Chaves,

I just finished reading one of your articles and I have to say that I was impressed, so I was hoping maybe you could help me with my problem. You see, I am currently 16-years-old and turning 17 in three months. My problem is that I’m worried that I might have a small penis. Can you please tell me how big it’s supposed to be at my current age? Is it normal for it to be the size that it currently is? What natural things can I do to make it bigger? My penis is about one-inch long when it is sleeping and about two-and-a–half inches when I’m hard. I have masturbated since I was about 12-years-old. When I first started, I would masturbate three times a day, but I don’t do that much anymore.

Please help me; I need your advice about my small penis.

J., Idaho

Happy birthday! Let me first say that all the worrying in the world isn’t going to help your penis. Worry is the least helpful thing with sex as it creates anxiety, challenges confidence and creates self-doubt. Penis size isn’t the answer to all your sexual problems. It will serve you better to learn sex and pleasure techniques as well as relationship and communication skills. Most studies estimate the average penis size for an adult male to be around six inches and the average varies slightly higher or lower depending race.

There aren’t any medically supported ways to increase penis size, so save your money on the penis slings, splints, pills, creams, surgeries, and injections. Yes, people actually do all of that to their penis in hopes of changing its size. Women prefer all sizes of penises. Think of that bell-shaped curve from your high school math class and you’ll realize that most women want average size, some want above average size, some want below average size. You’ll find women who won’t date you because of your size and others who won’t care. The tough part is searching through the dating scene to find the right women.

On a side note, I’ve met three women this past summer with self-described tight vaginas, and each said they prefer a partners fingers or a penis less than four inches to the pain of an average- or above average-sized penis.

Learn to love yourself, stay positive, be confident, and search for someone with like-minded interests. Also, there’s no connection between masturbation and penis size, so give yourself a guilt-free sausage tug whenever the mood strikes you.

lay your hands on you

Hello Dr. Chaves,

I was just wondering if you could offer any advice to me. I am a 19-year-old female and have only had sex a handful of times. It doesn’t hurt when I have sex or anything, but it still feels like nothing and I’ve never had an orgasm. The guy I’m currently seeing is great at giving head (so I know it’s not so much his performance), but it still doesn’t feel “amazing.” I can’t find any part of my anatomy “down there” that feels good even if I try myself. There have been some moments where it felt good, but nothing more. We just can’t seem to intensify the feeling and make the big “O” happen. When he plays with my clit, most of the time it just results in leg twitches. He suggested using a vibrator to help. What are your thoughts as to what we should do? It feels as though I might be broken down there because nothing has worked so far. I guess I’m just not that sensitive down there.

K., Wisconsin

I want to challenge the idea that you’re broken. You’re not broken, you’re in the beginning phases of sexual and body exploration and it takes time for everyone to get to know their body. It’s a life-long self-exploration that should be enjoyable and pleasurable.

Now that we’re no longer worried about small penises, let’s help this woman out… Next Page

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