Two IDF Pilots Missing Following Plane Crash

A two-seat IDF fighter aircraft of the Sufa F-16I type crashed on Wednesday evening at around 8:00pm local time in Mitzpeh Ramon in southern Israel. The crash occurred as the aircraft was taking part in a routine training flight.

The two pilots on board the aircraft have been reported missing. Search and rescue teams were called to the scene of the crash and have begun searching for the two missing pilots as well as for the remnants of the aircraft.

The families of the two pilots have been informed of the incident.

Air Force Commander, Maj. Gen. Ido Nechushtan, has already appointed an inquiry commission by a colonel to examine the circumstances under which the crash took place.

Nechushtan has also ordered the suspension of all training flights which use the Sufa aircraft for the time being.

Last July, six IDF airmen were killed when a Yas’ur type helicopter crashed in Romania during joint drilling exercises between the IDF and the Romanian air force.


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