New Turkish Anti-Israel Film Highlights Revenge against IDF

Turkey is testing the chilly diplomatic ties with Israel with another anti-Zionist production, this time a movie in which a revenge campaign is carried out against a fictitious Israeli who commanded the boarding of the IHH terrorist Mavi Marmara ship last May 31.

In the “Valley of the Wolves – Palestine” film, the “hero” leads a campaign that brutally murders and blows up Israeli soldiers, who are depicted as killers of Arab children. The hero also rescues a man who was kidnapped by Israelis and held at the Israeli embassy.

“We were trying to show that Israel and the United States are behind acts of terrorism,” Bahad?r Özdener told NTV.

Turkey claims that Israel intentionally murdered nine IHH terror activists on board the Mavi Marmari ship, although IDF films clearly show that the commandoes were viciously attacked while boarding the boat without arms, except for revolvers and paint guns. Anti-Israel activists claim the IDF film was edited.

The new Turkish movie will make its debut in late January, but Turkish television stations already are running a promo for the $10 million production.

Previous shows in Turkey have angered the Israeli government, which demanded that an anti-Zionist television series be cancelled.


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