Erotek Dimensions 3D Coming to Blu-Ray November 16

by Matt Whitlock October 26, 2010 03:13 PM

If you’re offended by adult stuff or have eyes aged fewer than 18 years, please read no further.

It looks like Hustler’s Avatar parody isn’t going to be the only adult fim on Blu-Ray 3D this Christmas… not that you’re likely to gift wrap a porno and stick it under the family tree. 3D Amazements is re-releasing it’s own 3D adult film, Erotek Dimensions, to Blu-Ray 3D on November 16th.

Erotek Dimensions takes place in a “futuristic” science laboratory, where adult film star Doria plays the typical reserved (but super horny) scientist. Rather than take a cold shower, she opts to use her large melon (ummm… I’m talking about her brain) and works up a way to create holographic couples to satisfy her animalistic needs.

Regardless of the fact this is an adult title, there is some interesting 3D history here. According to BigPictureBigSound, Erotek Dimensions was shot in native dual camera 3D back in 2001, making it the first adult film to be shot in field sequential 3D.  It’s a little late to the 3D Blu-Ray party though, as Hustler’s “This Ain’t Avatar XXX 3D” beat it by a few months (but to be fair, it’s not a “true” Blu-Ray 3D given it’s side-by-side nature).

Erotek Dimensions will ship in two flavors: 16×9 and the original 4×3 aspect ratio. Those who pre-order will get a $5 discount. What’s really funny though, is that with a suggest retail price of $17.95, this will be the most affordably priced Blu-Ray 3D title available when it ships on November 16th.

[Source: 3D Amazements]

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