Doc Love: Still Married

Inspiron says:

Bottom line: he lied to her AND her interest level wasn’t high.
(or, his lying to her DROPPED her interest level). either way, the end is the same — no chance to get her back.

I think it actually reads like this:

Her Interest Level had ALREADY dropped really low —– THEN she found out about his lying about his being single ——- THEN it dropped even further ——- and he’s OUT.

Yes, I believe Interest Level trumps all.
Yes, if the woman has low self-esteem, Daddy issues, emotional scars, etc., she can find herself with a real low-life AND still have super-high Interest Level in him despite what he does to her.

Doc teaches guys how to make themselves worthy of finding a Sweet One, how to recognize her once he finds her, and how to treat her right.

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