How Not to Marry the Wrong Guy

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Lately, it seems like
you can’t open your
Web browser without
seeing some headline
about a famous married couple calling it
quits. And while it’s no surprise when Charlie Sheen’s
latest union implodes, you’d
think that super-together
stars like Sandra Bullock
and Kate Winslet would be
able to pick winners. How
is it that a woman can pledge
eternal love in front of all
her family and friends and
then discover that she’s mistaken about the man?

In a recent Cosmo survey,
nearly two-thirds of you reported being worried about
making a bad choice and
winding up divorced. But
experts say you can protect
yourself from that fate if
you evaluate your relationship pre-engagement according to a few important
elements. “There absolutely
are ways to judge if a man is
marriage-worthy and reduce the chances you’ll pick
the wrong partner,” says
marriage and family therapist Terri Orbuch, PhD, a
sociology professor at the
University of Michigan.
“Considering these points
will help you understand
whether you and he have
similar underlying values
and whether you’d be getting married for the right
reasons.” Here are six things
you should do to help determine whether your boyfriend is the love of your life
or possibly your future ex-husband.

Don’t Just
Dismiss His Past

Is there a chapter of your
boyfriend’s history that
bothers you because it so
doesn’t sound like the guy
you know? Then you need
to decide if your relationship could survive a repeat,
because odds are good that
old habits will return.

“The best predictor of his
future behavior is his past
behavior,” says Orbuch. If
his relationship history is a
sordid tale of flings and bitter exes, it’s tempting to think that you’re the one
woman fabulous enough to
reform him.

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